A Team Dedicated to Serving You

Our team is made up of experienced drivers, attentive dispatchers, and seasoned mechanics. Through our synergy, know-how and dedication, we stand behind our mission to satisfy our customers beyond their expectations.

School Transportation

Autobus Séguin’s reputation has been highly enviable for over forty years in the school transportation realm. We rely on attentive, safe, and highly professional service. Nearly ten school service centres are counting on our team to carry more than 25,000 students, every day.

Charter Transportation

Whether for an extracurricular activity, sports event, cultural outing, or any other transportation need (private or corporate), Autobus Séguin provides this service at any time during the year. Our advisors can help you choose the vehicle that will precisely meet your requirements.

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Our Vehicles

Our fleet has nearly 375 vehicles that are regularly renewed, and which periodically undergo strict and rigorous inspections. At Autobus Séguin, our very own maintenance department is equipped with cutting edge technology. Our mechanics regularly receive training, and the company is approved by the SAAQ’s Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP).

Electric School Buses

School Buses With Luggage Compartments


7-passager sednas

Paratransit Buses up to 10 passengers

“We can count on Autobus Séguin. They are reliable, courteous and on time!”

Andrew Robinson
Transport Coordinator, Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board